Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random studies

the paintings are a few studies I did, still trying to better myself at digital painting and concept design, this was actually my first dab at digital painting.

"Honest Abe" was done last night for a 5 hour speed sculpt competition over at 3dtotal, I wish I had a little more time to polish, but that was the point to see how much one can get done under pressure, I will probably work on it a little later.


  1. Your digital painting is looking good dude. The portrait of the woman is nice. Did you have reference for this?


  2. Thanks Darnell, i did not use any references although i should have(i use them all the time) it probably would have turned out a little better. i think i over rendered her face, anyways i guess from sculpting quite a few faces i understand forms quite a bit and how lights affect them. I still struggle with costume design more than rendering.

  3. Are you ever going to post something and stop blaming the fact that you just moved across the country and started a new kick ass job!?! COME ON! wanker.
    Ah I can't say anything... I'm just as bad :P

  4. Hey man! Had no idea you could paint like this. Great images. Give me a call this week and we can find time to start some sculpting!

  5. next time you do one of those speed sculpts, you should record a video of your process. i'd love to see how you go about getting something as solid as Abe in such a short amount of time. really amazing work you have here.


  6. Very cool Abe sculpture!

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